Crema Marfil marble selections for 2018

There are numerous variations of Crema Marfil marble available in the market. As the most sold type of marble in the world, each quarry, factory, distributor, agent will give its own variations and grades in order to maximize gain. Well, we present here a simplified version for a straightforward understanding of this amazing marble. We work with 3 main variations for 2018, which are the Select, Luxury and Classico. We present them below:

Crema Marfil Select

Considered the top selection Crema Marfil, the Select variation represents a small percentage of all blocks extracted. Here, we see a very uniform background and colour tone, with very limited variation. This is our top selection Crema Marfil, available for supply in small quantities and normally part of a larger supply.


Crema Marfil Luxury

One of the highest selection of Crema Marfil marble available, the Luxury is also considered a top selection, but with more quantity available. Whenever there is no quantity of Select, the Luxury would be the type immediately available for supply. It also presents an uniform background and colour, with slightly more variation than the Select.


Crema Marfil Classico

The Classico is the combat selection within the Crema Marfil marble. Our current 2018 variation is in fact a very good selection, with a good balanced colour tone and a consistent background variation, where in large areas can become fairly uniform. This is a variation that presents best price for the export market.


For more information about any of these Crema Marfil marble selections, please visit Bemarsa

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