Middle East marble supply

The Middle East is an incredible market for marble supply, being at the center of fast-growing construction and decoration industry. There are all sorts of on-going and planned projects from small to large that require the most beautiful, unique and up-to-date marble from all over the world.

There are however, some marble that have more demand than others. This is mostly due to colour, pattern and price. Due to the large dimension of many construction projects in the Middle East region, large availability and consistency are important criteria. Well, we present below our top marble for the Middle East market, considering demand we have experienced from countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain.

Crema Marfil

The Crema Marfil is a light beige coloured marble with quite uniform grain and colour tone, with some occasional calcite lines. The Crema Marfil marble is mostly used on diverse types of interior flooring applications, as well as wall coverings, decoration, bath design and more. This marble combines in perfection with darker coloured marble like the Dark Emperador or Negro Marquina.

Crema Marfil marble - Middle East

Dark Emperador

The Dark Emperador is a dark brown marble with a notorious popularity worldwide. The Dark Emperador is one of the most famous brown marble in the world with a well-developed global market. This marble is extracted by some medium-sized quarries located in the southeast of Spain. It is most commonly used on diverse interior applications, such as flooring, coverings, bath design and much more.

Dark Emperador marble - Middle East

Negro Marquina

The Negro Marquina is a black marble, with fine grain and presenting very thin white vein. It presents a very dark black colour and quite uniform background. The Negro Marquina is a type of stone that combines well with lighter or even white coloured stones. Here it is common to find amazing applications in flooring, bath design or some stonework.

Negro Marquina marble - Middle East

Light Emperador

The Light Emperador is a light brown coloured marble, with a fine grain and an abundant irregular vein. It can also present occasional white calcite with small to medium dimensions. The Light Emperador is a well-known Spanish marble, with a considerable market. This type of marble is mostly used on interior decoration applications.

Light Emperador marble - Middle East

Rojo Alicante

Red coloured marble, the Rojo Alicante is a red coloured marble, with fine grain and variable reddish colour tones. It may present some occasional white vein and few fossils remains. Its main variations depend on the abundance of white vein as well as background colour tone variation. The Rojo Alicante is the reference red marble from Spain, with common applications being found on flooring, some cladding, stonework, bath design and interior decoration.

Rojo Alicante marble - Middle East

Bianco Carrara

The Bianco Carrara CD is yet another variation of the Bianco Carrara marble. If compared to the Bianco Carrara C, the CD variation This is a celebrity white marble with great reputation and recognition. The Bianco Carrara C is a variation that presents a very uniform white coloured background and some occasional light dark grey shades.
This marble is essentially used on interior applications, such as flooring, wall coverings, diverse bath design, countertops and decoration.

Bianco Carrara marble - Middle East


Another white marble from Italy, the Statuario is another famous and exclusive marble with great demand. This is characterized by its uniform white background and irregular darker grey veins. The more predictable the vein, the more expensive is the Statuario. There are numerous variations of this marble, but the one we present here can be considered a top selection. The Statuario is mostly used on interior applications such flooring, coverings, countertops and diverse decoration.

Statuario marble - Middle East


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